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Retirement Strategies Aligned with Your Goals

Many pre-retirees walk in my door and ask, “How much money will I need in retirement?” There are a number of factors that determine the answer to that question. After gaining a clear understanding of your unique goals, timeframe and estimated expenses in retirement, I can help you determine the amount of money you may need for retirement. Then I will create a plan based on solid financial strategies to help you realize your dream retirement. 

While many investors focus solely on the wealth accumulation phase, retirement income planning is essential in order to ensure that you do not outlive your income. I can help you create a retirement income plan with the goal of providing a sustainable and predictable stream of income throughout your retirement.

Retirement Income Sources

Retirement planning isn’t just about accumulating money. It’s also about developing a solid retirement withdrawal strategy.  Withdrawing your assets is often the hardest part of preparing for retirement. You have spent your entire life saving for retirement, and it is a considerable shift to begin using what you have saved. 

I can help to guide you through the process. We’ll start by taking a look at your definition of an ideal retirement lifestyle. We will then craft a withdrawal strategy that carefully considers your income sources and ways in which to generate income that can last your entire lifetime. Certain types of investments are better suited for monthly income, while others are geared more towards long-term growth. With the right retirement income strategy, you have a higher chance of funding your desired retirement lifestyle and making your money last.

Retirement income sources

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